Domotel Kastri (member of Domotel Hotels& Resorts)

Υποψήφιος στην κατηγορία Best Greek MICE City Hotel
Κλάδος δραστηριότητας: Hospitality
Κείμενο αιτιολόγησης υποψηφιότητας: Product
Nestled in a half- hectare pine grove, the historic Hotel Kastri in the northern Athenian suburb of Nea Erythraia started operating in the late 19th century and quickly acquired a reputation as a gathering spot of the Athenian elite. The fully renovated Domotel Kastri opened its doors on October 2015 as a boutique business hotel, retaining its original architectural style but featuring a contemporary approach to luxury lodging.
The hotel’s Convention Center houses a state-of-the-art auditorium with capacity of 500 people and 22 multifunctional halls and meeting rooms all with cutting edge technical equipment. That- combined with its 86 deluxe rooms, 2 restaurants, a bar and a fitness room- characterises Domotel Kastri as an extensive venue, flexibly designed to meet a variety of functions.

Target customers
The target customers are mainly Greek and European business people, between their mid- 30s and late 60s, middle- upper class. They are usually visiting Athens for a conference, a seminar, an incentive as well as for leisure. They are looking for value for money in the use of new technologies, appreciate distinctive architectural elements and enjoy being in a modern yet classy environment with friendly and helpful staff where local gastronomy with an international twist can be experienced. They are seeking for venues that can hold high standard events combined with high profile lifestyle standards, at a very good price. While visiting for business they like to feel as if they are on a leisure trip. Business travellers like to feel welcome, comfortable and safe. They like to feel like home. Another important factor a business traveller takes under serious consideration, is convenience (privacy, high speed WiFi, plenty of power sockets, easy access to public transportation and main roads, breakfast, quality dining options e.t.c.). Loyalty recognition through the provision of personalised services (e.g. VIP treatment) is also important. Last but not least, connectivity with their local airport is crucial. They negotiate hard for the lower price in an all included basis. Furthermore, business travellers have limited time available so they want all data to be specific and clearly stated in order to finalise a book/ purchase.

Value Proposition
Renovated History.
Lush, pine-covered estate and imposing architecture attests to an elegant past whereas the modern interior design places guests in a contemporary setting where highly aesthetical cuisine transports them with the very best of local gastronomy with interesting international twists. Impeccable service and legendary Greek hospitality in a cosmopolitan suburb of Athens, just a glimpse away from public transportation and the international airport. Located in a capital listed in the top 25 European destinations for MICE events, Domotel Kastri, with its state-of-the-art convention center that features a modern auditorium and 22 multifunctional halls bathed in natural light, is the ideal choice.

Distribution Channels (for MICE segment)
The vast majority of business travellers do not book directly themselves, rather they rely on their firm to make both the choice as well as the actual booking of the hotel, regardless if the need is for a room to sleep in or a group of halls for a conference to take place. Requests are usually sent around the end of the year- when all budgets and plans for the year to come are under planning- and the agreed price will remain the same for the period stated on the according contract (usually 1 year). All the needed and relevant information a customer requires in order to make a purchase is provided and delivered from the hotels’ Sales Department when dealing with the Greek market or Greek branches of global companies. Concerning international organizations and brands, they prefer to send detailed RFPs for completion and/ or check with consortia to find what’s best for their needs.

So, what are the business travellers' needs? Being offered with all the needed amenities in order to prepare for the morning meeting or conference is highly admirable. Other amenities, like a laptop desk, more plug points, ironing board with iron or laundry facility, good lighting, reliable WiFi etc. are expected as standard for a business traveller.

Business travellers desire a room that could fulfill dual purpose; relaxation after a long journey and accomplishing office work. Such ambience makes them repeaters. If the breakfast can be served at a flexible time in morning; it'll be an impressive surprise. Business travellers pay attention to quality dining: They like to arrange meetings with their clients if the hotel provides a sense of privacy with quality dining in the restaurant or coffee area. The 24/7 on-site gym or fitness center where they can go for a quick work out and get rid of the day stress also makes a difference for business travellers. Availability of spa and swimming pool facilities is also highly valued. But the most important thing is location. Business travellers always prefer a location where they can get easy access to different meeting venues or conference joints, business parks etc.

Moreover, most of business travellers don't want to waste time in transit rather they prefer to choose venues close to the airport or railway station for easy access to their check-in and out time. They also like to look around to enjoy nearby sightseeing so if there is a concierge service in the hotel, it also adds value. Furthermore, finding the best value-for-money venue is too one of the biggest concerns for business travellers. When a hotel presents a special offer with extra benefits to them, they want to make the deal for all their future trips. Like most of travellers, business travellers compare the offers with other hotels before selecting, so when a hotel covers most of their needs and wraps them up with a competitive price, they tend to get the deal as early as possible.

Please, find attached the file of the diagram that depicts the distribution chain that Domotel Kastri uses to serve the needs of corporate and business travellers as those are stated above.