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Κλάδος δραστηριότητας: ΕΜΠΟΡΙΟ ΚΑΙ ΔΙΑΝΟΜΗ
Ιστοσελίδα: http://www.olympiangreen.com
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Our legacy in extra virgin olive oil production begins in 1846. Since then, we have continued growing, taking the Greek family tradition to the next level.
With care, patience and expertise, acquired and passed on from one generation to the next, we have been producing exceptional extra virgin olive oil in Olympia region.
Today, we expand our business by new investments in our production facilities by stepping harder on our branding, aiming in making our exceptional olive oil stand out in the international market.
Olympian Green represents the purity of our product, our loyalty to our Greek heritage, our expertise in business and technological progress.

Our vision is to see consumers all over the world coming closer to the Mediterranean lifestyle, thus securing a healthier life for themselves by choosing to add the original, natural, rich in flavor and healthy nutrients extra virgin olive oil of Olympian Green in their everyday nutrition.

Our values can be summarized as follow:
• Passion for what we do
• Be a trusted partner and a trusted provider for our clients around the globe.
• Focus on producing a superior extra virgin olive always.
• Achieve excellence across all our products.
• Taylor our products in accordance to customer needs.
Located in the famous land of Olympia, the birth place of the Olympic Games, Olympian Green presents a bright example of products that are produced with social and environmental respect, responsibility and care. The product categories are:
• Extra Virgin Olive Oils (Traditional, Robust, Early Harvest, Organic, Flavored, PDO, etc.)
• Balsamic Vinegars (with Honey, with Pomegranate, Crème)
• Table Olives (Whole, Pitted, Stuffed with Jalapeno / Garlic/ Almond)
• Sun dried tomatoes (from cherry tomatoes or whole)
• Capers
Participated in important Food and Beverage International quality, taste, packaging and innovation awards winning more that 19 of them:
• FLOS OLEI (Rome 2018 / 2016)
• SIAL INNOVATION (Paris 2016)
• GREAT TASTE (London 2016)
• OLIVINUS (Mendoza Argentina 2017 / 2016)
• TERRAOLIVO (Israel 2016 / 2017)
• OLYMP AWARDS (Athens 2017)


Olympian Green was awarded with the “SIAL Innovation Paris 2016” in SIAL Exhibition – Paris 2016 for its product Olympian Green Lemon Flavored Oly Oil, as the first flavored single cultivar (Koroneiki) Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

All Olympian Green products are produced following and respecting the specifications of HACCP, ISO 22000:2005, KOSHER, BIO HELLAS, AGROCEPT etc.

Since mid 2015 that the new brand Olympian Green was initially introduced Olympian Green products are exported to United States, United Kingdom, China, Kuwait, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Puerto Rico, Canada, France, Kazakhstan, France and we keep growing and expanding in new markets.

Actions to promote brand awareness abroad
The shareholders and the management team of Olympian Green from day one has decided to focus 100% in exporting our products to countries around the globe. Implementing the strategy for increasing the brand awareness we:
• Participate as exhibitors more than once in important food and beverage fairs like SIAL (Paris), ANUGA (Cologne), GULFOOD (Dubai), FANCY FOOD SHOW (New York) etc.
• Designed and printed promotional material like brochures and single page leaflets.
• Created Olympian Green profiles (pages) in social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, in order to communicate our actions and accomplishments.
• Conducted periodically targeted e-mail campaigns by sending newsletters.
• Designed and printed a full set of stationary like letterheads, envelops, folders, and other useful items like coasters, mugs and coffee cups.
• Participated in esteemed international competitions.
• Translated Olympian Green official website in foreign languages like English, French, and Romanian.
• Were the exclusive sponsors for lighting the Panathenian Stadium with the colors of the Brazilian flag on the day of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
• Become sponsors in the meteorological live feed cam of www.metar.gr
To this Olympian Green was recognized as one of the top 100 Olive oil producing companies of the world (EVOOWR top 100 – 2016).
Olympian Green brand is more than just another brand of Greek products. We emphasize in the full service that we are offering to the buyers so that they feel secure about their order. From the day they confirm the order until the day the product is consumed, we are always one phone call away so that we give solutions and answers.
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Thank you
Olympian Green Team